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I had a great experience with Delvaille Law Firm (it is a drive out to Cypress/Cy-Fair area), but it is worth it.

The attorney listened to my issues and concerns. She spoke to me in terms that I could understand (not legal jargon) and explained the process thoroughly.

I did not feel like a number nor cattle being rushed in and out of an office. I was pleasantly surprised at how compassionate this attorney was (I don't usually like attorneys).

I initially met with this Firm 8 months agoI decided to work with Attorney Delvaille and she has kept her word and has done everything that her Firm said it would. She responds in a timely manner when you contact them. They keep you apprised of what's going on and they have even "stayed ahead of the game", so when things came up from other parties, we were already prepared for it. Wow!!!!!

In my book, Attorney Delvaille is a first class "legal mind" and it has been great working with this firm.




Tamisha was thorough, prompt with getting information and paperwork to me, and she truly had my best interest at heart.



Great Experience

I hired Tamisha Delvaille to handle my divorce proceedings. She did an awesome job. I never had any problems in regards to communication or anything else for that matter. All of my requests or concerns were addressed appropriately and in a timely fashion. I never had to worry that she didn't have my best interests in mind while handling my case. She made one of the most stressful times of my life more bearable.



Great for child support

She did a great job on my court case and help with m been hurt with my job. I love her she is a must.



Contract Advice

I called to get an appointment but her return call resulted in a conversation regarding a real estate contract I had entered into. She listened to me and asked me to email her any pertinent documents. She called me first thing the next morning and with patience and insight, advised me as to what steps had the best chance of getting a positive result for me. Both conversations were extensive and not once did $ come up.



Knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive

This was my first time utilizing a lawyer and I feel my questions were answered and I was treated with personalized attention. Divorce can be a very touchy subject, but I left the situation feeling at ease. I would would highly recommend T. Delvaille for legal representation if you would prefer prompt response, staying abreast of what's going on with your case, personal yet professional legal assistance at a fair price. I am very pleased and would definitely use her services again.




I needed a divorce. She was professional, personable, and considerate of my best interest. I would recommend her to anyone looking for legal assistance!



Client Resolution Centered

Tamisha Delvaille was attentive to my concerns and represented my interests. Her fee was not the primary driver in her service to my family. She genuinely desired to help us resolve our legal issue. Thank you Attorney Delvaille



Extremely professional

Tamisha Delvaille is the perfect family law attorney, very precise and knowledgable in her profession. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends.




Wonderful and thorough!


Excellent Service

My students teachers and I I had a very bad experience with a venue that we had hired for an event. I spent a year trying to negotiate with the venue operators but no one showed interest or concern. I spoke to several attorneys but they all turned me down because the venue was operated by the city and no one wanted to deal with it, telling me a settlement would be impossible.I was then referred to Ms. Tamisha Delvaille. She not only agreed to take this situation on, but listened carefully to all my concerns and empathized greatly with my situation. She got to work, and had a settlement in just a few weeks!...I was excited, pleased and very impressed with with the work she did.

I would very highly recommend Ms. Tamisha.



Tamisha is a very honest and up front person.Her expertise and professionalism are amazing. Her prices aren't the cheapest, but you always get what you pay for. Don't expect to get a Bentley for the price of a Chevy. Since I'm a procrastinator she stayed on me all the time. She's one who likes to get the job done. I can honestly say I am well pleased with her work.



Professional and efficient

I hired Tamisha for what turned out to be a long and exhausting divorce. My ex-husband was a nightmare but Tamisha developed an excellent rapport with opposing counsel and I walked away extremely pleased with my divorce settlement.


Mrs. Delvaille is AMAZING !!

Mrs. Delvaille helped me through my divorce and child support process. She is extremely knowledgeable and works hard to get things done. I would recommend her to everyone!



Excellent Litigation Management

Tamisha took the time to get to know me at the beginning of the case. During the course of this long divorce, she stuck with me, and gave me great advice. She took the time to manage my emotions on certain issues; she gave me the advise I needed, and did not tell me what I wanted to hear.

Tamisha was a great advocate for me in this case, and I feel that I came out better with her representation. She is also very fair in regards to the billing of her time.

Thanks Tamisha,Wil



Straightforward, knowledgeable and compassionate

Ms. Delvaille's volatile and unpredictable client was incarcerated while going through an unwanted and thus contested divorce. She remained calm and composed when presented with this mercurial client. She worked directly with the client and his family. She has a full grasp of the law and will not make a move that is not in her client's best interest, even if it's what the client thinks they want. She, at times, protects her client from themselves. She takes the time to explain the process and makes sure the client understands and is informed. She is open, honest, straightforward and compassionate. She respects and takes into consideration a client's emotional and financial needs along with their legal ones.



Family Divorce

Tamisha Devaille, was very open, honest, and professional with me while going through my divorce procedures. She took the time to explain certain terms and expectations. She made this life changing event peaceful for my ex-husband and I.



The Process

Tamisha and I had a long case almost on one year. She was very professional and willing to work with me. It was a long brutal (only because of my ex) road, but Tamisha hung in there with me to get me through this process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thats looking to move forward with their lives.



Great attorney

Ms Delvaille handled my divorce so well. It was originally meant to be a simple uncontested matter, but devolved into a default case spanning multiple court appearances with a tough judge. She took care of everything and I never once had to worry or stress. She was always so pleasant and professional, and her fees were super reasonable as well. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, I would definitely call Tamisha first.



Excellent service,detail oriented,extremely compassionate and empathetic to my needs regarding my situation.

Very efficient caring professional representative



Excellent choice

Tamisha Delvaille was the best choice I ever made. She walked me through my entire divorce down to what would happen in the court. She was available to me at times most lawyers would not respond to inquiries about their case. I'm so glad that I hire Tamosha. She kept this process painless for me and made the transition for me so seamless. I would not hesitate to hire her in the future for any legal needs.



Tamisha was very helpful and eager to help me! She even took the initiative to research other cases like mine. I would definitely recommend her!


Intelligent, Motivated, Caring

I never thought I would be in need of a divorce lawyer - so when that day came and I started my phone consultations, I was so very happy to get in touch with Tamisha. She is very easy to get in touch with and promptly addressed all my concerns (and emotional rants). I really felt like I had an intelligent, motivated, and caring person by my side through this difficult process. I really appreciate Tamisha's efforts and would highly recommend her services.



Child Custody case

Mrs. Tamisha went above and beyond and we are truly greatful for her help. My husband was able to get sole custody of his daughter even though the judge was not one of the best. The judge was extremely difficult but Mrs. Tamisha did not give up on us. She's not only a great lawyer she is a good hearted person who truly shows you that she cares. I would highly recommend her.



Excellent attorney and trusted advisor

Tamisha is a gift and capable attorney. I utilized her firm for a complex family law case. She is professional, reliable and a joy to be around. I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance.



You saved my life!!!

Tamisha was AMAZING!!! She went above and beyond in every aspect of her duties as an attorney. She always made sure I completely understood each step of the process. I know I was not her only case, but I never felt like mine was unimportant. She is simply a fantastic human being and a phenomenal attorney. I would recommend her to anyone!



The Best hands down the BEST!!!!

When I say Outstanding work, I mean that, when I say tells you like it is and upfront with you, I mean that. I'm so glad I had the pleasure to know Tamisha Delvaille. Would I recommend her to my family and friends.....put it to you like this she will always be a part of my Family and friends...and on my speed dial...




My Lawyer was very professional from start to finish. I received updates quickly and accurately. All forms and what to expect with my case was on point, which allowed for a smooth case in the court room. I spent minimal time at the court room which was awesome and enable me attend to my clients without disruption.



Excellent and Professional Service

Tamisha is very thorough, responds quickly and is on top of everything to make sure issues are resolved sooner than later. She is also very knowledgeable in many areas of the law. I would definitely continue to use her for both personal and business matters.



Extremely Pleased with Service Provided

Attorney Delvaille accomplished just about as seamlessly as possible my child's legal name change. There were a number of unique circumstances with my situation that gave me all kinds of apprehension with how matters could or would be ultimately decided with granting our petition. Thankfully, Attorney Delvaille kept me abreast every single step of the way being quite thorough in covering our bases--doing all our part to make the petition as rightfully presented as need be. I was never left in ambiguous land not knowing the status/purpose of each move we made. I'm beyond grateful I was able to obtain services from Attorney Delvaille. She made all the world's difference in me accomplishing what I preferred to not leave waiting any longer.



Professional, Great, Kind Person!

Mrs. Delvaille, is A Very Professional, Well Knowledge of her field! She is Kind and Help in ALL aspects making process going smoothly! Since Day One When I called for a consultation she made me feel Comfortable, answered all my questions without feeling Rushed. I asked and she answered All my questions even After I hired her to help me with my Divorce. She will reply to my questions,throughout the whole.process. She is a Great, High Quality lawyer and Person! She made all Process Smooth as possible and Walked me through step by step! DEFINITELY I recommend Mrs. Delvaille!




She has went above and Beyond what I expected. She has worked day and night on my case and was able to retrieve different forms of evidence that I was not even aware of.